First blog post

This is my first post and I’m not quite sure how to kick it off…I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s in English (2016). Over the last several years, I’ve been exploring my career options, but that’s kind of hard when you’re fresh out of high school and without a clue as to what the real world is made up of and where my interests are. I looked into going to law school, teaching, and writing, but I was never committed to any of these. I breezed through my undergraduate with a heavier focus on working at Dunkin Donuts than my coursework–I wasn’t passionate about the program, so I didn’t make a real attempt.

Flash forward to today…I’m working as a receptionist and going for my Master’s in Management (more interesting!) at night. My employer has encouraged me to pursue the of furthering my education and provided me with the opportunity to work closely with its marketing team. In the last year, I’ve been exposed to all sorts of marketing tasks, from maintaining brand, social media, and the development of literature, and I’d like to do more. My goal is to surround myself with fresh and innovative ideas–to learn as much as I can–that will help develop myself professionally. Truth be told: I do not wish to be a receptionist forever. I want to do what I enjoy and overcome challenges.

My goals for this year are as follows and subject to additions:

  1. Join the AMA (American Marketing Association)
  2. Become certified in something and add some alphabet soup to my name (I’m leaning towards digital marketing at the moment)
  3. Either get promoted at my current employer or land an entry level position elsewhere
  4. Grow

Please join me on my journey. I am open to recommendations, insight, questions, comments, etc. Thanks for checking in!


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